Sahir Lodhi’s 2 minutes of Patriotism

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After the ‘Roza Rakho Ji’ kid took the internet by storm, our very own Sahir Lodhi probably thought ‘Why stay behind when I can put up a better drama?’

Well, Mr. Lodhi, something tells us that your ‘two-minutes-act-of-patriotism’ was completely staged. It clearly looked like it was meant to attract more viewers toward your otherwise mundane show. Since people are getting tired of watching the same kind of shows on repeat every year, everywhere, this was actually a nice way to gain publicity(or not?).

Watch that Video

As much as we appreciate you for your ‘patriotic speech’ we think interrupting a girl right after she said ”Aurtoun ki awaz ko daba dia jata hai”, was highly unacceptable even if it was staged.
Anyhow, we’d suggest that you save this speech for 14th August or 23rd March, so that people might actually gain something from the act.

By the way, since you love Jinnah so much, did you know that Jinnah also stressed on the virtues of faith, unity & discipline? We really wish you focused on discipline part!

Well, we’re done with our rant, but let’s check out how others responded:

Love this meme!




Wanna know our reaction after watching the video? Here it goes:rozarakhoji


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