Real Story Behind Neelam Muneer’s Leaked Video & Her Secret Relationship

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Social Media has always been discussing something HOT, And Currently the Most Recent HOT Topic of Pakistani Social Media is Neelam Muneer.
Yes! The Cutest Neelam Muneer is everywhere on Social Media after a Video of her Dancing in her Car on Neha Kakkar’s Song Mahi Ve got viral on Social Media.

Watch The Video

The video is all cleared. She made it for whatever reason. Without tagging any allegations but isn’t it obvious that this is a publicity stunt as her film “Chupan Chupai” with Ahsan Khan is coming in few months?



And if it’s not the case. Still it was not the video of some party that she should give clarifications for as what was the occasion. Video is crystal clear; she was doing it intentionally.

As it can be seen in the video that she knows that someone is making the video of her and that “someone” is off course sitting in the car with her and She’s Comfortable Enough with that Person.

Now! Everyone is gossiping and finding for that “someone” who made that video and why leaked on internet.
Does it really make any sense that someone very close to Neelam will leak her video ? And that is for sure that the person making the video is very close to Neelam as she’s comfortable enough to dance in-front and letting Him/Her make the Video.

Here’s another Side of the Story, that we tried to figure out.

Few Days Back, when Saim Ali (Tv Actor, Model & Morning Show Host) joined Sanam Baloch on ARY’s Morning Show, then Sanam was seen on Saim’s Snapchat saying that “Saim ap sy bohat pyar karta hai, inhein Hurt Mat kijiyega” She didn’t named the one who’s being loved by Saim.

Next Day, Saim Ali posted a Picture of Him with Neelam Muneer with the Caption “Soul Mates” Someone took the screenshot of that Picture and right after the screenshot that picture was deleted from Saim’s Snap Story.



Saim Ali is with Neelam from Past Two Days according to their Snap-chat Stories.


Another Picture of Saim Ali was Found with this Caption


The Relationship Statuses are never revealed by Artists Themselves, they only Give You Hints 😉

It a True Fact that the Personal Life of Celebrities has always been a matter of Public Debate & Circulation. Also a fodder for Entertainment for their fans/followers & Generally for everyone; PEACE!


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