Momina Mustehsan’s Ittehad Ramazan OST’ hits the screen

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This week, our very own Momina Mustehsan surprised her fans when she released her version of  Qaseeda Burda Shareef.

As usual there are so many negative Questions like ‘Why isn’t she fully covered?’ or comments like ‘Nau Sau Choohay Kha k billi Haj ko Chali’  or ‘What’s up with that Noorani makeup?’ (that was actually funny) arose.

People always have to come up with something good or bad. And surprisingly (also unexpectedly) we got to see many people appreciating her. UNEXPECTED RIGHT?

See it for yourself.

As much as we love to hear her sing in her soothing voice, we think Momina nailed this Ramadan OST too, along with her Noorani getup and all white and fine background (Which were efforts of the team, WELL DONE!)
It is really beautifully recited. Once again she made us believe that she’s capable of singing anything and making it sound beautiful, actually.

We completely forgot about those smiling faces in the video that gave out positive vibes only, loved that part specially,reminded us how beautiful and positive a smile can be!

Watch full Video: Qaseeda Burda Shareef, OST Ittehad Ramazan by Momina Mustehsan

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