Kumail Nanjiani Pakistani-American actor to make rom-com debut in Hollywood

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1495134049-1494980151-Big_Sick_Comedy_Tour_ticketsThe Pakistani-American actor Kumail Nanjiani is going to star in the Hollywood movie ‘Big sick’ .

The movie is basically about the actor’s Pakistani family being unhappy with his relationship with Emily, who is a white American lady. When Emily is attacked by a serious illness, Kumail must take charge of the crisis with Emily’s parents. It’s a story on how a couple struggles with cultural differences  as they grow together.

The movie premiered at ‘Sundance Festival’ where the $12 million acquisition marked the movie as 2nd largest deal of 2017 festival. It also won an award in the category of ‘festival favorite’. The scheduled date for the movie’s limited release is June 23rd, 2017 before it releases world-wide on July 14th, 2017.

As for Kumail, he’s a Karachi born Pakistani-American stand-up comedian, writer and podcast host who, as he states, never imagined that one day he’d play a leading role in Hollywood movie which he co-wrote with his wife Emily. V. Gordon. Nanjiani is best known for playing one of the major roles in HBO’S award-nominated series ‘Silicon Valley’. He also co-hosted the show ‘The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail’ and played various other roles in different t.v shows and movies.

It is quite amazing to see Pakistanis like Kumail making waves in the Hollywood industry. He is a living proof that even the people who are not white enough (according to Trump) make America great too!

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