Interview with Jawad Bashir for his Movie MAYA

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Pak Media Industry (PMI) interviewed popular Pakistani actor & director Jawad Bashir for his forthcoming horror flick titled “Maya”. May 2015

According to the director, Maya is based on a true story happened in Denmark years ago.

The “Teen Bata Teen” actor, who believes the evil is real, says he and his wife have had a mutual plan to direct this incredible horror story. He seems quite sure about the success of Maya.

Watch Trailer of MAYA


Q: After wonderful and mind pleasing sitcoms like “Shashlik” and “Teen Bata Teen” what made you move towards the horror side?

I am a big horror fan. I always choose a horror movie when I go to a DVD store. I wanted to make my first film into a film I want to see. Comedy is one part of my personality, Just want to explore the other part.

Why “MAYA” what is the story behind this title?

MAYA is a Danish name and it’s a true story happened in Denmark years ago. My wife who is Norwegian told me the story and further on wrote the screenplay.

Q: As you have mentioned before that MAYA is not like any other glossy Hollywood movie, what makes MAYA different from the casual Hollywood horror ?

MAYA is different in many ways. Firstly its done by Pakistanis in Pakistan and its in Urdu. It has less special effects and more thrill and focused content.

Q: The story is written by “Hina Jawad” as we all know what was so appealing about the story that provoked you to make a movie out of it ?

I was in search of a good traditional horror script for ages. I got one that provoked me to make this movie.

Q: You made a whole movie about evil, what’s Jawad’s view about evil spirits? Do you think they are for real?

Answer: Of course evil is real. The whole life is about it. I am a true believer.

Q: As the fabulous trailer says “AKHIR KOUN HA YE MAYA” we want to ask you tell us something about who is Maya?

Who is MAYA. You will get to know on cinema screens soon.

Q: From how long you have been working on this project? And what were the major difficulties during the shoots?

Answer: Its been more than a year. And difficulties were countless. It’s a low budget film with far less resources makes it more hard to finish.

Q: A movie is never completed without the music, tell us about the music of the movie and the “PEEN DE” in your trailers who’s voice is behind that?

Music is just one song (Peen De) by Saad Hussain. And in the background of a sequence and another German song by REMSTEIN..(ANGEL)..also in the background. The film focuses more on the background sound design creating thrill. And layering the visual.

Q: Everyone wants to know that when the movie is releasing on Pakistani cinemas?

End of may or start June, Very close. Date will be announced very soon.

Q: What was more exciting in shooting Maya, being in front of the camera or being behind the camera ?

I was behind the camera all the time. I have shot the movie myself. I am the cameraman and editor of the film myself. Loved it.

Q: Have you ever wished to play the lead in a horror movie?

I never had any wish for acting. I just love direction.

Q: What plot attracts you to direct a movie on?

Something thrilling.

Q: Do you believe that the higher budget is the secret behind the success of any film?

Not at all. High budget doesn’t make a movie good, Hard Work does.

Q: Does “Maya” sport high-end sci-fi motion effects or something similar?

I believe in less special effects. More Content, More Thrill, More close to Real.

Q: Everyone wants to know what is your next plot?

Coming soon….

Q: Who plays lead in Maya?

There is no lead in the film.

Q: You have been usually seen in a comedy avatar, do you believe this thrilling-first-direction will show up another hidden talent in you?

Ya. I am sure. That’s in fact is my real talent. And we have worked hard on the film, It will pay for sure.

Q: Was that your own choice to make a horror film or a mutual plan?

Mutual plan. Me and my wife.


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