“Chan Kithan”- Ali Sethi’s new version to the ecstasy of Cinderella

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The song, Originally sang by Atta Ullah Khan Eisakhelvi, has been given a beautiful and Mesmerizing Push to life by the Heart whelming Voice of Mr Sethi. The song has left tons of hearts skipping beats while listening to this beautiful addition to the music jewels.

The mix of such a traditional and folk song with the concept of Cinderella and the beautiful melodious voice of Mr Sethi, Has proved to be one of the most trending song pounding tons of hearts along.

Watch: Chan Kithan by Ali Sethi full Music Video

Download MP3: Chan Kithan by Ali Sethi


The Song is made in collaboration with Studio S, Staring the ever gorgeous Mira Sethi along with the handsome style statement Mekaal Zulfiqar. Other than that the amazing Maheen Syed can also be seen prominently.

The Concept of ABAYA which represents modesty is one of the most beautiful and prominent feature of this new Cinderella Version ( Doesn’t it feel a little to real to happen?) Bringing Cinderella into a more acquainted and relate able avatar is like bring thousands of childhood dreams to reality.

Emotions portrayed by the melodious voice of Ali Sethi and the music collaboration has gone too far effecting the hearts of many. Ali sethi has don’t sheer justice to the song of one of the most talented singers of this industry.

And we cannot explain the beautiful depiction of love and affection, desire and modesty pouring out merged from the beautiful eyes of Mira Sethi, I mean just look at her eyes as she dreams of being the one chooses by Mikaal.maxresdefault (1)I can bet 90% of the people around this music lover world are now dreaming of having someone looking at them this way. ( don’t shy away, we know its true 🙂 . Mira’s beauty and modest attire is like the glitter to the stars.The whole Music mania is aww-struct by her beautiful expression of love, emotions and what not?

The construct of the Video is beautifully executed and written too. The Video is directed by the talented Taimoor Salahuddin aka Mooroo.
The construct of Cinderella is used to film the story of a nurse who is love with a patient of her, The video portrays her care as she looks at him at the party. The desire to be with him in the place of the posh girls he is enjoying with and a hurtful transition from desire to reality with the break of glassali-sethi-chan-kithanThe video does not features the mainstream concept of happy ending and has given this tale a whole new perspective that love is not only abut happy endings, Mira taking care of his prince charming after the incident with a heavy heart, Gives essence of true love in the end.

The song has given an Amazingly beautiful repeat to the audio and video playlists of the music lovers and left most of the people talking about the excellence. Highly recommended,  do relive the Cinderella magic.




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