Amir Zaki (Pakistani Guitarist) Passed Away

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Amir Zaki, one of the renowned guitarists in Pakistan passed away at the age of 49 in Karachi. The cause of death was cardiac arrest. Zaki was an expert guitarist, songwriter and singer who started his career at the age of 14. At the age of sixteen, he was discovered by Alamgir.

His debut album ‘Signature’ was released in 1994, which included the song, ‘Mera Pyar‘, for which he was was awarded a ‘Soundcraft Gold Disc’. It sold worldwide, gaining him a very loyal fan base. His second official release was ‘Rough Cut’.

Zaki made phenomenal contributions to Pakistani music for which he deserved as much recognition as any other music celebrity. And even though it can be seen that his absence is duly missed, wouldn’t it be nicer if Zaki’s talent was valued more when he was alive?

That said, it’s never too late to value all such artists who are worthy of praise and recognition. It would be great to see people paying greater attention to the rising talent and to all those whose talent has been obscured by the stars of the industry. We hope that Amir Zaki’s absence stirs reflection and debate over this important issue.

Here’s how others have responded to this sad event:

Thank-you Waqar Zaka for speaking the truth.

Totally agree with this one!

This is too sad.

With these, we rest our case.


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